After School, After Dark

I’m finding wordpress horrifically inflexible, so have made this blog post into a pdf download instead.  I do apologise if this is inconvenient – my snazzy new website will have a simpler blogging system for me, but in the meantime, here’s my meandering thoughts about outdoor play after dark: After School, After Dark – click this link.

An early iteration of the After Dark trug – stacks more in there now.


5 comments on “After School, After Dark

  1. What a super pdf fiel/report/blog post! It’s lovely to hear a little more detail about the After Dark Club and hopefully it will encourage other people to follow suit.

    When I worked at an outdoor centre years ago, initially I was horrified about having to do activities in the dark with children. But after a wonderful winter, I found myself cursing the lighter hours because the activities seemed dull by comparison!

  2. Thank you Juliet for such inspiring ideas. Working in a school that is letting me slowly drag it outside I can take so many great ideas from this to use outdoors during school hours, rather than for its suggested intention. The very idea of an after school Outdoor Club may just be one step forward for our school and whilst most clubs finish at 4 (just as it is getting dark in the winter) I can still see so many possibililies for encouraging the children to engage with the outdoors. I continue to follow your I’m a teacher blogs avidly.

  3. What a fabulous post this is! Really excellent to see so much being made of twighlight and dark – some of the best aspects of winter time.
    I’ve always loved being outdoors at night, and especially like to walk by myself (with no torch) in a woodland – you have to slacken off your knees and really conntect with the ground and the space/objects around you, and trust your sense of direction. it feels amazing.
    I hope this blog inspires much more use of darktime – I think the idea could really catch on… thanks Julie!

  4. Thanks for your comments folks, glad it was interesting and useful. Jan, I love the idea of walking through the woods with no light at all. There’s a golf course near us with a woodland (i.e easy to walk to along lit pathways but then pretty dark once you’re in it), and I think I may try that next week, although I have to say the lighter nights are really catching up with us and putting paid to weekday ADC. We can still get out a bit later at the weekend (the group ranges in age from 3 through to about 10) but I can see ADC is going to have to shut up shop soon, until October…

    Sue, does your school have an After School homework or play club that operates until say 6pm? That’s what the Lambeth settings were, formal after school childcare. If you do, then why not suggest they incorporate some of these ideas into their practice next autumn and winter? Plenty of time for them to identify barriers and overcome them before then!



  5. What a wonderful post! It was very thorough and will surely be an amazing resource to many people. One more reason to be excited for Autumn!! Thanks for stopping by my site and introducing yourself. I’m so glad we’ve connected! Talk soon, I hope!

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